you know what they say about weddings: they are the best day of your life. now, it sounds extremely cheesy but when you are surrounded by all the people who love you and who made themselves available and pretty to share your happiness, you will understand. it has nothing to do with how much you spent or if everything went according to plan. it has everything to do with love. i cried for days after mine, because i was so overwhelmed by all the love everyone showed us!


and what better way to celebrate love than with a wonderful cake? If you ask me, there is none. there is something about cakes that makes everyone happy - and that is where i come in. if you decide to work with me, i can guarantee you that i will be dedicated to make you the cake of your dreams. we will design together a unique, custom and handcrafted cake which will be as pretty as it is yummy.


i offer wedding consultations for £25. they generally last an hour - an hour and a half, include a drink, a choice of four different sponges and four fillings and of course a good chat about your design! additional flavours are possible for £5 each. please come with anything that can help us design your cake: stationary, pictures of other cakes, any images that you like, moodboard, etc.


i don't charge more for wedding cakes than i do any other cake - i take the same care and attention to detail for all of them because everyone deserves a perfect cake. please see my flavours and prices page for information - note that prices are only a rough guide as different designs will yield different quotes!