I offer two types of consultations: private ones, which are £25 for the couple, and consist of an appointment with me during which we will chat about the design of your cake. I will also show you different shapes and sizes that would work for your number of guests. You will be able to try four different flavours of cakes.The second type are group consultations, during which there will be no more than four couples. They are £20 per couple, and you will get to try more cake flavours as well as little desserts from my dessert table service. We will still have time to chat individually about your cake and you will be able to chat to the other couples about wedding planning! You will also see different shapes and sizes that would suit your requirements.





All the cakes I make are totally bespoke, and unique! I will never copy someone else’s cake, or your cake for someone else.

Your cake should tell your story and be unique, because you are unique too.

If you think that just having one cake isn’t enough, you’re my kind of person. I offer a whole range of different desserts that we can add to your order, and make you the scrummiest vegan dessert table that has ever existed.


I make preeeetty cool wedding favours. They include sugar cookies with your wedding colours, theme (cacti? tropical fruits? animals?), your initials and your wedding date; mini cake jars which are basically the cutest and yummiest things ever; unicorn rocky roads (aka white chocolate rocky roads with marshmallows, biscuits, pop corn and sprinkles); doughnuts decorated with your wedding theme and colours. They can be wrapped in biodegradable packaging.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom