Top UK wedding stylists and planners

For the second round of this series, I’m going to have a look at wedding planners and stylists. You may not understand why anyone would need a wedding stylist – and these women are here to tell you why. They will help you have a wedding that goes smoothly, with recommended and trusted suppliers, and they will help you bring your vision to life. Some people will tell you you don’t need one – and the thing is, you don’t need anything when it comes to your wedding, apart from your partner and a registry office. Yes, everything in wedding is a plus – so it is all up to you to know what is important and what isn’t. I didn’t have a wedding stylist or planner but I do regret not having a hand setting up my venue – half of the stuff I made didn’t end up being used because I just didn’t have the time to put them up! RIP all to all those origami cranes who never saw the venue…

Jess is the queen of boho and spiritual weddings and specialises in crystals. I’ve worked with her on three occasions and cannot wait to work with her again – she is incredibly sweet and talented and makes everyone feel like her best friend. (Plus she is vegan!) She is based in Essex.

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I’ve wanted to work with Valentina FOR EVER. When we FINALLY got to, I was honestly so excited I could have cried… and I’m working with her on two other shoots this year and maybe a wedding. Valentina will make all your romantic dreams come true, with an eye for the beautiful and curated yet cosy and welcoming feel. She is based in London.

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Laura offers pick + mix services. She will make your wedding dreams come true – from classic to colourful and playful, her experience is incredibly valuable. She is based in London.

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Cherelle plans beautifully stylish and urban weddings. She is based in Hackney, London.

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Beautiful boho and trendy wedding styling, with loads of props to hire. They are based in Essex.

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Photo credit: The Lifestyle Menagerie

Beautifully boho and romantic, Lo and Behold have definitely earned their place in this post. They are based in Southsea and also hire props.

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Cathy is also vegan and if you want a relaxed, boho wedding, you should definitely check her out. She also hires out tables and chairs, and props. She is based in Derby but covers the whole UK.

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Ashleigh plans colourful and playful weddings, she is obsessed with pink and California – and it is always a pleasure to see her work pop on my instagram feed. She is based in London.

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Based in London, Chenai plans weddings and events with a luxurious feel, always contemporary and trendy yet timeless. Her work has been featured in trend reports – so she definitely should be here!

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Lianne designs the most design led and modern weddings. She is based in London. Her instagram bio defines her style well:  “Low-key luxury + Effortless elegance with edge”. LOVE.

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Kate is an all around DIY queen and a great person to have around – especially in moments where you might feel overwhelmed by your wedding planning. She’s always positive and comforting and her playful and modern designs are to die for.

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Keenda is based in London and I absolutely love what she says about her clients and the weddings she delivers: “More joy, less overwhelm!”

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Romantic and timeless, Lou styles beautiful and trendy wedding, but also makes gorgeous stationery.

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Quirky and natural, with a fairytale and magical spin, Laura designs weddings that are a beautiful and perfect balance between boho and rustic.

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Ellie, proclaimed Chief Enthusiast, will make you smile and forget all the stress wedding planning can give you. She will bring your modern and hip wedding dreams to life, with a good dose of tea and laugh

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Apologies for the long list… I hoped to not go beyond 10 but I don’t think that’s possible. I already had to not write about such incredible and talented women, it kind of broke my heart! A bit terrified about the florists list, that one will be soul-destroying.

Enjoy your Sunday evening, and don’t forget to tell people how awesome they are!