My top ten favourite UK wedding photographers


Best of the best UK wedding photographers


Working in the wedding industry is really cool because it has enabled me to meet the most incredibly talented people – most of which are women, so basically the best thing. I thought of starting this series with my favourite people in the industry, starting with probably the hardest one because there are SO MANY UK wedding photographers around and so many of them are talented! It took me a few days and some sleepless nights because, seriously, this was the hardest topic ever. I tried to have a few different styles to help you choose and even just see what is available out there! But seriously this was way too hard. There are a lot of wedding photographers whose work I absolutely adore but I just couldn’t give you a list of 187 people – that wouldn’t have been very helpful, would it? Everyone in this list shoots weddings with what is called a documentary style, the photos don’t look posed and unnatural and real moments are preferred to hours of group shots.



I met Ruth – half of Red Door Photography – at a wedding fair and it was love at first sight. Ruth has a bubbly and funny personality, her pictures are as colourful as she is and she is an absolute gem. We worked together on this photoshoot and she took a lot of pictures for me – basically the ones with the most glitter is the result of her fabulous work.




Berni has become one of my closest friends here. She is the absolute sweetest and has the greatest eye for art. Her photography style is very much based on light and darkness, it is very different from others and that’s one of the reasons I love it. We worked on three photoshoots together, and have many more planned!





Chloe is a fellow unicorn, Disney and Harry Potter obsessed and also as-high-as-three-apples as we say it in French (in other words, we both see the world from the same height) and her photos definitely show that. They are bright and vibrant and make you just happy looking at them.





Kirsty is such a sweetheart – she is incredibly kind and has the eye for really cool and fun rock’n’roll shots while keeping them super colourful and full of life.





Lex is kind of a superwoman, running an incredible wedding photography business but also a wedding supplier networking group in London. Her style is super vibrant and totally badass, making her the rockstar of all.




Moody and contrasted, Stephanie’s photos show how much of an artistic eye she has. She is into design and you can tell – she takes her inspiration from many sources, and I am always head over heels for her.




Oh Marni – your moody and badass style and your eye for the most beautiful locations makes my heart swoon every time. Her photos are fun and playful and they are always a big hit.




Sassy is the photographer we hired for our own wedding, three years and a half ago – it speaks for itself why she is in that list! Sassy is a total babe and will blend in your guests completely, making you feel like you have a friend there rather than a photographer.





If you are looking for super moody and rock’n’roll pictures, then you want to have a look at Chloe’s work. I have worked with Chloe on this photoshoot and I love the photos.




Amy is your gal if you are looking for romantic wedding photos. She herself is discreet and kind – and please look at how grandiose this picture is!




Joanna isn’t really to introduce anymore, she’s a bit of a legend. Super into design and contemporary visuals, her style is timeless and at the same time on trend. (Plus she’s vegan so I LOVE HER!)




Maryam takes beautiful pictures of opulent weddings. She shoots a lot of Asian weddings as well as Middle Eastern weddings, and her pictures are beautifully colourful and vibrant.




Caroline (another vegan!) takes beautifully soft and bright wedding pictures and loves outdoor and natural weddings.





I was supposed to make a shorter list but honestly it wasn’t possible! I already feel like a cheater for leaving so many aside. That was a HARD blog post to write.


I hope it helped!