Soy free cakes

All of my cakes are vegan, but I also offer soy free options.



Unfortunately, I have not found a soy free white chocolate. I do have a soy free dark chocolate though. All of my sponges can be made soy free – unless you have a soy and a nut free allergy, in which case you will have to let me know and I will send you a list of what I can make that avoids having both of these – so let me know which sponge you’d like and I will just have to use it with dark chocolate ganache or buttercream (buttercream only available for semi naked cakes). All cupcakes can be made soy free. 




Cupcakes / Mini cupcakes (see flavours above)

Brownies (flavours: all choc chips / walnuts / Oreo / peanut butter)

Cookies (flavours: sugar cookies / dark chocolate chips / cinnamon / peanut butter / double chocolate)

Cookie sandwiches (see flavours above)

Rice Krispie Treats

Peanut Butter Yummy Things

Caramel Bars with coconut, hazelnut and chocolate

Mini tartlets (flavours: pecan / chocolate and salted caramel / banoffee)

Doughnuts (flavours: plain / jam / nutella)

Rolls (flavours: cinnamon / chocolate / lemon and blueberry)

Peanut butter and chocolate no bake cookies


How do you guarantee they are soy free?

While I do my absolute best to make sure the contamination risks are at their lowest, I cannot guarantee that soy free cakes will be absolutely free of traces of soy (also because some of the ingredients I use are nut free, but still have the “may contain traces of soy” mention).

If an allergy is mentioned, then I never bake a soy free cake on the same day as a non soy free cake. Everything is thoroughly cleaned and all surfaces are disinfected daily. Cloths are also washed and replaced daily at a minimum.