Surprise me box

Surprise me box


A box for those who love EVERYTHING (and they are right to).

It will be filled with sweets of all sorts, and you will discover what they are as you open the box (EXCITING TIMES).

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things you can expect to find in this box:

-brownies (flavours: all choc chips / walnuts / Oreo / peanut butter and raspberry / white chocolate chip / cookie base)
-cookies (sugar cookies / chocolate chips / white chocolate and cashews / cinnamon / peanut butter / double chocolate / white chocolate and cranberry)
-cookie sandwiches
-Rice Krispie Treats
-peanut butter yummy things
rocky roads (flavours: shortbread / Oreo / Biscoff / white chocolate, pop corn and sprinkles)
-caramel Bars with coconut, hazelnut and chocolate
-mini tartlets
-peanut butter and chocolate no bake cookies

Because there is literally nothing better than cake and tea, you will also find in each box three teabags of different loose leaf teas, in eco friendly bags, from the organic and ethical brand Les Jardins de Gaïa.

Postage is included in the price of the box.

Orders are posted on Thursdays. If you order before Tuesday 11am, it will be posted on the Thursday of the same week - if you order after Tuesday 11am, it will be posted the next Thursday! Every box is sent with Royal Mail 1st class so won’t take more than 2 days to arrive to you once they are dispatched.

Gluten free and soya free options available - please tick the option needed. Any other allergies, let me know!

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