Gluten free cakes

All my cakes are vegan, but I also offer gluten free options.





Gluten free vegan carrot sponge soaked in vanilla syrup with creamy cinnamon ganache

Chocolate salted caramel

Gluten free vegan chocolate sponge with homemade salted caramel sauce and salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache


Gluten free vegan lemon sponge soaked in lemon syrup, with lemon curd and white chocolate ganache

Vanilla Raspberry

Gluten free vegan vanilla sponge with raspberry chunks soaked in vanilla syrup, raspberry puree and white chocolate ganache


Gluten free vegan lime sponge soaked in lime syrup, lime curd and white chocolate ganache


Gluten free vegan vanilla cake soaked in vanilla syrup with bits of biscuits, marshmallows and dark chocolate ganache

Simply Chocolate

Gluten free vegan chocolate sponge soaked in vanilla syrup with dark chocolate ganache

Champagne and strawberry

Gluten free vegan vanilla sponge soaked in champagne with a strawberry puree and white chocolate ganache


Gluten free vegan coconut sponge soaked in coconut syrup with a white chocolate and coconut ganache




Chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream

Brown sugar sponge, salted caramel sauce and vanilla buttercream

Banana sponge with peanut butter buttercream

Chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream

Vanilla sponge with strawberry coulis and vanilla buttercream

Lemon sponge with blueberry buttercream

Lemon sponge with lemon curd and vanilla buttercream

Vanilla sponge with raspberry chunks and raspberry buttercream

Carrot sponge with cinnamon buttercream

Coconut sponge with lemon buttercream

Cupcakes and Mini cupcakes

Cookies (chocolate chips / 




Cupcakes and Mini cupcakes

Cookies (chocolate chips / white chocolate and cashews / white chocolate and cranberries)

Rocky roads (shortbread / white chocolate, popcorn and sprinkles)

No bake peanut butter and chocolate cookies

Rice Krispie Treats

Peanut Butter Yummy Things



I don’t charge more for gluten free cakes than I would do cakes with wheat flour, because I don’t think your health should dictate how much you pay to be able to have a beautiful cake for your events, whether it’s your wedding or birthday. 


If you are gluten free and it is your event, I will make your whole cake gluten free – if that is your wish. If you are not gluten free and have a few gluten free guests at your event, I will not make your whole cake gluten free but will make them a special cake on the side so that they can still enjoy it, with no surcharge – that helps me with costs and making sure I never have to charge extra for those of us with allergies or intolerances! Gluten free flour is expensive and as I never bake a gluten free and a non gluten free cake on the same day, it helps with my costs and planning. 


Do gluten free cakes taste different?

They do have a different taste to the non gluten free cakes I make because I use different recipes. Gluten free baking is not just a question of taking any recipe and replacing the wheat flour with gluten flour! I mean it would be the dream, but it doesn’t work that way. Gluten free flour, because of its chemical components, gives cakes that are a lot flakier and a lot drier than non gluten free cakes if you don’t adapt the whole recipe to accommodate for it – which is something I do. So yes, if you try a non gluten free vanilla cake and a gluten free vanilla cake, both made by me, you will notice a difference in taste – but you won’t be able to tell which is gluten free. My customers often have a little panic during consultations because they think I have forgotten they required gluten free cakes – that’s how good they are!


How do you guarantee they are gluten free?

That is a bit of a tricky question. While I do my absolute best to make sure the contamination risks are at their lowest, I cannot guarantee that gluten free cakes will be absolutely free of traces of gluten (also because some of the ingredients I use are gluten free, but still have the “may contain traces of gluten” mention).

I never bake a gluten free cake on the same day as a non gluten free cake though, keep my gluten free flour and wheat flour separated and in different corners of the room, have a shelf dedicated to gluten containing products and another one dedicated to gluten free products. I also have a dedicated gluten free fridge and freezer. Everything is thoroughly cleaned and all surfaces are disinfected daily. Cloths are also washed and replaced daily at a minimum.