one of the most exciting moments when ordering a cake is choosing what you want it to taste like! here's the list of everything i can make, plus my favourite combinations should you need a bit of help to decide.

please note that the outer coating of fondant covered cakes is always dark chocolate ganache for a perfect finish.



rich chocolate (gf* / sf* / nf*)
mild chocolate (gf* / sf* / nf*)
vanilla (gf* / sf* / nf*)
praliné (hazelnut and pecan) (sf*)
hazelnut (sf*)
pecan (sf*)
banana bread (sf* / nf*)
lemon (gf* / sf* / nf*)
orange (gf* / sf* / nf*)
coconut (gf* / sf* / nf*)
carrot (nf*)
vanilla with raspberry chunks (gf* / sf* / nf*)
champagne (gf* / sf* / nf*)
red velvet (nf*)
brown sugar (sf* / nf*)



dark chocolate buttercream
milk chocolate buttercream
white chocolate buttercream
peanut butter buttercream
vanilla buttercream
biscoff buttercream
oreo buttercream
strawberry buttercream
raspberry buttercream
blueberry buttercream
mixed berries buttercream
maple syrup buttercream
lemon buttercream
orange buttercream
coconut buttercream
hazelnut and chocolate buttercream
'cream cheese' buttercream
salted caramel buttercream
dark chocolate ganache
milk chocolate ganache
white chocolate ganache
strawberry jam
salted caramel
apple butter

gf* = gluten free option

sf* = soya free option

nf* = nut free option

please include any information about allergies or intolerances when contacting me.