frequently asked questions



what is a tiny sarah’s cake made of?



my cakes are made from the best ingredients. you will not find mixes or artificial flavours in my kitchen, but mostly organic and fair trade ingredients – and obviously no animal products.

your cake can be iced with ganache or fondant, depending on what style you are after. 

a standard cake tier is 10 cm tall and consists of 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling.  i also offer small tiers with only two layers of cake or tall tiers with four layers of cake, depending on the design you want – having different tier heights is usually very pretty! – and the number of guests you have.


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what is different about your cakes?

a cake is never just a cake when we work together. cakes are pieces of happiness as well as being pieces of art. it is imperative to me that we don’t make “a” cake, but “your” cake, which means that you will get a unique cake to fit your unique personality.

if you cannot afford a cake, don’t hesitate to still contact me. i’ve traded cakes for other things in the past and i might be interested in doing it again! i can also try and work around a budget.

how do I place an order?

you can use this order form or email me – don’t worry if you are not certain of what you’d like, i am here to help! if you have any, send me pictures of what you like so we can start from there.

please read  the faq and t&c to make sure we are on the same page.



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how far in advance do i need to place my order?



the sooner the better of course – i am only a one-woman show! so if others were quicker than you, it will mean i won’t be able to take on your order. even for birthday cakes, i will always recommend ordering as soon as possible.

do i need to know exactly what i want to send you a message or ask for a quote?

absolutely not! we can totally work together to find the design of your dreams – it actually is a lot nicer for me if we are both involved in this process. i also have loads of ideas and you might love one of them!

make sure to send me all the info you want to give me, all your ideas, pictures of things you like – which do not have to be cakes – and anything that you think can be relevant.

are there things that you don’t offer?

i’m afraid so. i work best when i make the things i love so it’s totally in your interest too!

the only shoe cakes i make are sneakers and babies’ boots – you won’t find a heel cake in my gallery. in the same way, i don’t offer purse cakes. i do not print images to put on cakes either and i do not make rainbow cakes – i never use any colourings in my sponges nor in my fillings – i only use them in fondant or if requested in the outside buttercream for the design. colourings have an effect on the attention and general health of children in particular and i think anyone should eat them as little as possible! i don’t do quilted cakes or sheet cakes either. Oh, and I don’t do fruit cakes. I love sponges and I prefer to offer what I love and love making so you know you’ll get the best quality possible!

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can you copy another cake i’ve seen?

i never copy someone else’s design or even mine, so that you get a completely custom and unique cake. however we can draw inspiration from anything – other cakes, stationary, clothes, artworks, etc. feel free to send me images of everything that will help me design your dream cake.

do you offer consultations?

i do! i do recommend them especially for wedding cakes as it gives us some time face to face to think about the cake of your dream and for you to show me your moodboards, inspiration, stationary etc. Plus you will be able to choose from four cake flavours and four filling flavours to help you choose what you want your wedding cake to taste like! if you are unable to come for a consultation, do not worry – we can absolutely design your dream cake via email. consultations cost £25 and usually last about an hour – an hour and a half. if you’d rather, you can also just pick up the tasters.

can you add dummy tiers to my cake?

for sure. if you want a taller cake than you need slices, i can use a dummy made of styrofoam to make a fake tier – i only charge the amount of decorating work on them.

what about allergies? what options do you offer?

all my cakes are vegan. although obviously none of the ingredients i use contain eggs or dairy, some of them have been made in a factory processing these ingredients.

i offer gluten, nut and soya free options for some of my cakes – but bear in mind that these ingredients are used in my kitchen.



are any of your cakes featured anywhere on the internet?



oh why yes! my very own wedding cake was featured in the 9th issue of rock’n’roll bride magazine. my cakes were also featured in love my dress, multiple times in bride and tonic, on aisle perfect, way out wedding, plans and presents. i’m also on the following directories: the wow edit, the eclectic wedding encyclopedia, the book of love, lgbt equality weddings, and the london wedding breakfast club. oh, and, last but not least, sean from fat gay vegan published a blog post about me!



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what if i want to change my order after it’s been placed?

you have until two weeks prior to your event to change your order – send me an email and i will confirm all the changes if they are possible. changes may require an adjustment in the price of the cake.

what if i need to cancel my order?

contact me as soon as possible to let me know. as a general rule, deposits are non-refundable as taking an order means having to decline others.

do you deliver?

yes! i successfully passed my driving test after three failed attempts (ouch), so no deliver all over the uk (and even france, cause i’m like that).

where do i pick up my cake?

in woodley, berkshire – i will provide you with my exact address after i receive your deposit for your cake.

i sent you a message but haven’t heard back. what do i do?

i am only human and you have no idea how bad with technology. i may not have received your enquiry or it may have slipped through my tiny fingers – if you haven’t heard back a week after inquiring, please give me a shout as i usually take no more than 48 hours to respond.

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