Vegan cake or traditional cake?

No, I will not write “normal cake” – vegan cakes are not “abnormal”. While cakes using eggs and dairy are more traditional – you can read about the dairy industry here, and about the egg industry here – they are definitely not better than vegan cakes. 

I am a professionally trained baker, and did my training in the centre of Paris. One day, I gave a piece of vegan cake to one of my tutors – and he couldn’t believe it was vegan. If I can impress a French chef, I have no doubt I will impress you!

What gives a good recipe?

Good recipes rely, yes, on good ingredients. But tell me about the last time you had a traditional cake, loved it AND could taste the eggs in it? Honestly, EWWW. So why would you think a cake without eggs won’t be good?

If you use good quality ingredients – good flour, cocoa powder, chocolate, and so on – your cake has a good chance on being yummy. It obviously also depends on your knowledge technique: an overmixed cake will be too dense because of the gluten the flour will develop, for example. And, of course, it depends on the recipe. There are bad vegan recipes as there are bad traditional cake recipes – it doesn’t mean that all vegan cakes will be dense and dry – they also don’t all have to be chocolate or coconut. 

Why have a vegan wedding cake?

The real reason, obviously, is the ethics behind veganism, that is not to exploit animals. Using their secretions in recipes is exploiting them.

Another good reason to have a vegan wedding cake is to have a more sustainable wedding. A plant-based diet is a lot more eco-friendly that any other diet. 

But also, and of course – if you invite people to your wedding, it’s because you love them! So why wouldn’t you want everyone to enjoy your cake? A vegan cake will cater for vegans, dairy-intolerant, and egg-intolerant guests. I cater for all dietary requirements – gluten free cakes, soya free cakes, nut free cakes – everyone will have something to eat and feast on. 


And that’s kind of the point of a wedding, isn’t it?

Pictures courtesy of Claire Bemister Photography.