Yes I am tiny, I’m also a mermaid and I live with two cats

My favourite thing in the world besides cuddling them is reading, my favourite book is The Northern Lights and I still don't believe that Sirius is dead

I didn't always make cakes; the only part I found interesting in baking was licking the bowl when my mum was making her famous chocolate cake until I was 18 when I started making muffins for my friends. I have a masters in Philosophy of Art and specialised in Philosophy of Literature - my dissertation had something to do with Milan Kundera and Emmanuel Levinas if you're interested although I'd understand if you are not.

After years of studying and creating the Baking Society at the University of Kent I decided it was time to change course and get my hands dirty (literally - I always have either gel colours or chocolate on them) and enrolled in baking school in Paris. I then worked for Sugarplum Cake Shop for a year as Head Chef Decorator before moving back to the UK, opening my own business because I don't like being told what to do and buying my absolute dream car, a green 1997 MX-5 with retractable beams - I know, super James Bond-y.

I am passionate about potatoes, Disney and tattoos

Also about animals and the planet, Thai food and pizza in bed, drinking tea or hot chocolate when it's raining or even better snowing outside. Saying hello to animals in the street and searching for dark skies to see stars and the Milky Way.

Changing my hair colour and watching The Office again and again, pretending to make cinnamon rolls for friends when really I have scoffed half of them before they've even arrived. But also going to pole classes, the gym for an explosive session with my PT who likes to torture me or out for a run.

My favourite moment of the day is climbing into bed with my person and Penny and Rufus the cats and putting an episode of The Office, Schitt's Creek, Community or Parks and Recreation (Leslie Knope I am in love with you forever and ever). I may have been sick the day in school when they explained how to be a normal person. Also, if you were wondering, I'm a Hufflepuff.