about me

who is tiny sarah?


i am a french vegan baker in berkshire and cake decorator. after studying philosophy and philosophy of art, i decided it was time for me to make other people happy, and nothing makes people happier than a good and beautiful cake. i studied baking for a year in the gorgeous city of paris before being hired as head chef decorator in sugarplum cake shop. this wonderful experience lasted a year and i decided it was time to move across the sea!

i am obsessed with cakes (obvs), cats, weddings, tattoos and tea. really i'm a mermaid but that's a secret, let's keep it between us.


are you really tiny?

erm, yes. my boyfriend actually calls me "minuscule".

what is different about your cakes?

a cake is never just a cake when we work together. cakes are pieces of happiness as well as being pieces of art. it is imperative to me that we don't make "a" cake, but "your" cake, which means that you will get a unique cake to fit your unique personality.

my cakes are vegan - but you won't taste any difference with non vegan cakes. i pride myself on using the best ingredients - organic wheat flour, belgian chocolate, real vanilla beans, organic fresh fruits - and i'm always developping new recipes to offer you the best that can be.

if you cannot afford a cake, don't hesitate to still contact me. i've traded cakes for other things in the past and i might be interested in doing it again! i can also try and work around a budget.

who's the adorable kitty on your logo?

that will be rufus. he's one of the two kitties who live with me - although to be fair they know purrfectly well that they're the real lord and lady of the house! the grey kitty that you will often see on my cakes is his sister penny.

who took that epic photo, and will my cake ever be on the ground?

that will be sassy from assassynation! best photographer EVER.

no, your cake will not ever ever be on the ground. little secret: these cakes were dummies. 

vegan cakes berkshire

vegan cakes berkshire

vegan cake berkshire

vegan cake berkshire