about me


who is tiny sarah?



i am a french vegan baker in berkshire and cake decorator. after studying philosophy and philosophy of art, i decided it was time for me to make other people happy, and nothing makes people happier than a good and beautiful cake. i studied baking for a year in the gorgeous city of paris before being hired as head chef decorator in sugarplum cake shop. this wonderful experience lasted a year and i decided it was time to move across the sea!

i am obsessed with cakes (obvs), cats, weddings, tattoos and tea. really i’m a mermaid but that’s a secret, let’s keep it between us.


are you really tiny?

erm, yes. my boyfriend actually calls me “minuscule”.

photo by assassynation

who’s the adorable kitty on your logo?

that will be rufus. he’s one of the two kitties who live with me – although to be fair they know purrfectly well that they’re the real lord and lady of the house! the grey kitty that you will often see on my cakes is his sister penny.

which house do you belong to and what’s your patronus like?

without much surprise, i’m a hufflepuff. everyone who knows me knows i’m naive and nice haha! and my patronus is a ginger cat, but did that come as a surprise?!

favourite disney movie?

the little mermaid of course! i’m a mermaid myself. when i was 5, my teacher asked my mum to come in because she was worried i really thought i was a mermaid. she never realised i didn’t think so, i was one.

who is your favourite superhero?

when i was young, my favourite super hero was batman. he’s really a badass cause he doesn’t have powers but wow he’s good.

i’m not a real fan of the dc movies though, i much prefer the marvels – and without a doubt my faves are thor and loki!